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The rods can be easily moved, allowing free access to the system for cleaning or repair.

They allow good air circulation under the solar panel to avoid overheating.


Fits all sizes of tiles or roofs.





  • Base in stainless steel Aisi 1.4301 (18x0.8 mm) protected against UV.
  • Base length: 1000 mm (with 20 oval holes of 4.2 x 10 mm).
  • Length of the protection rods: adjustable up to 130 mm
  • Diameter of the 2.0 mm stainless steel rod Aisi 302 Maximum resistance (2000New) En10270 Standards Product guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Complies with European manufacturing and approval standards EN-DIN-ISO 4892. 




  • The surface to be protected must be free of dust and grease. Clean it well and let it dry.
  • Cover the entire surface of the base with silicone and stick it to the side frame of the solar panel. It can also be screwed on. If the end caps are removed, the solar panels will not be damaged.
  • The installation should be done with the open ends upwards.

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