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Scarecrow Kite

BirdRaider is an ideal system for chasing away birds that disturb buildings, airports, fields, orchards, boats, industrial plants, landfills, etc.


Royal flight of falcons



The BirdRaider flight powered by the wind imitates the real glide of falcons. When subjected to stronger winds its wings arch and imitate the falcon hunting.

The feathers on their wing tips help them glide randomly just like hawks do.

The mast made of glass fibre with metal and carbon allows flexibility with the winds avoiding its breakage while having optimal durability and hardness for this service.

Suitable for protecting up to 1.5 hectares


An economical and silent system



BirdRaider is much more economical than other scare systems and allows birds to be brought into maturing crop areas or where they are needed at any time of the year.

It is a quiet system, unlike noisy scarecrows that can disturb neighbours.

It requires no maintenance.

It is an environmentally friendly product that does not harm birds.