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  • BirdRaider is an ideal system for chasing away birds that disturb buildings, airports, fields, orchards, boats, industrial plants, landfills, etc.

  • Contents of the pack: 1 Nylon kite with anti UV (160x60cm) + 1 special 2.5m rope and anchors + 6m fiberglass, iron and carbon fiber telescopic mast+ 1 fiberglass stake+ transport bag.

  • This product is not a toy, it is a professional product for bird scaring.

  • Suitable for protecting up to 1.5 hectares

  • When they see the kite flying the birds are afraid of being attacked by a bird of prey like the Black Hawk (BirdRaider) and prefer to go to other areas where there are no predators.

  • Predatory birds have specific areas that are under their hunting domain, so other birds are aware of this and do not approach their areas.

    BirdRaider is much cheaper than other bird scaring systems and allows birds to move around and take them to areas where they are maturing or where they are needed at each time of year.

  • It is a silent system unlike bird scaring sounds that can disturb neighbours.
    It does not require maintenance.
    It is an ecological product and does not harm the birds.




  • Very easy to install anywhere.
  • Install only when birds are already causing trouble in the area, never before.
  • Change the location of the kite from time to time so the birds don't get used to its presence.

Scarecrow Kite 6 meters


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